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I think. That's just what I wanted to tell you about. She was grief-stricken, of course. But she di


d not faint or do anything like that." "Then what was it?" hastened Kennedy, impati


ently. "When we told her," replied Leslie, "she exclaimed: 'I knew it! I knew it!' She

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stood at the side of the bed where the body had been placed. 'I felt it!' she cried. 'Only the other night I had such a horrible dream. I dreamed I saw him in a terrifi

c struggle. I could not make out who or what it was with which he struggled. I tried to

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run to him. But something seemed to hold me back. I could not move. Then the scene shifted—like a motion picture. I saw a funeral procession and in the coffin I could

see as though by a second [5] sight, a face—his face! Oh, it was a warning to me—to him!' "I tried to calm her," went on Leslie. "But it was of no use. She kept crying out: 'I

Third title features

t has come true—just as I saw in the dream. I feared it—even when I knew it was only a dream.' Strange, don't you think, Kennedy?" "Why didn't you tell me this bef

ore?" asked Craig, impatiently. "Didn't have a chance. You were studying my rubber heels." "Well—what then? Is there anything else?" "I questioned her,"


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